Bruce Weber On Capturing Awesome Cityscape Photos

It may seem a little daunting to shoot cityscape photos. So many lights, traffic, tall buildings, and people, make things a little difficult to capture. For this reason, when someone is taking photos of the city, one may get a little overwhelmed. Capturing rural scenes seems relatively easier. However, it is not so difficult to capture cityscape photos. One needs to learn the art of taking cityscape photos to transform them into eye-catching masterpieces. In confusion, aspiring photographers need to speak to experienced photographers. 

Bruce Weber On Cityscape Photos

Bruce Weber started his career as an art photographer. Even though he did well in art photography, he switched his career to fashion after a while. It is from commercial photography, Bruce received his fame and success. Being a creative photographer, Bruce knows that a photographer can do miracles with creativity. Most people fail to capture that moment because they don’t want to open up. However, taking the perfect cityscape image needs a lot of essential aspects. An aspiring photographer needs to learn a lot to make things work properly. To simplify cityscape photography, Bruce has offered a list of tips that one can follow to improve photography skills.

Location – Architect

When taking photos of a city, one needs to look for the perfect architect which possesses the power to bring out depth and richness. One can explore different architects to find the places which strike one’s fancy. Cities don’t lack interesting architects. If a building looks out of the ordinary, one can choose it as the photography subject. The same thing goes for a gathering as well. If a street stands out, one can use it as a photography subject. 


Any skilled photographer will say that time is the key factor in photography. So, to capture that moment that will bring the required richness out of a photograph, one needs to look for that time. Everyone is not lucky to wait for the right time to shoot photos. Sometimes a photographer needs to shoot at a particular time only. In those events, one can do nothing about the time of the day. But otherwise, one needs to wait for the time when the light is perfect to set the mood and tone of a photo. Bruce says that nothing works like natural light when it comes to setting the theme of the photos. 

Use a Tripod

Some photographers don’t like to use a tripod. However, a tripod is a great tool to use when someone is getting started with cityscape photography. It allows one to keep the hands steady. Also, a tripod allows a photographer to take time to shoot photos. Therefore, when taking photos of landscapes of architects, it is better to use tripods. 

Use Shades

Sometimes people get overwhelmed by the need to use the light when taking photos. However, shadows play a big role in making photos look amazing as well. One must never forget that both light and shadow create the right setting for a photograph.

Bruce Weber speaks about using high energy when capturing city photos. He feels that photos that show high vibrancy get better views than quiet ones.