Hillandale Farms Highlights a Few Gadgets That Make Cooking Eggs Much Easier

Eggs are an affordable and amazing source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are easy to buy from Hillandale Farms, and relatively simple to prepare for most. However, for people who have limited cooking abilities, poaching their eggs for Sunday brunch or peeling hardboiled eggs in a hurry on a weekday morning can be quite a trouble. Fortunately, egg-cooking concerns can be easily resolved with the assistance of a few useful gadgets.

Hillandale Farms marks certain gadgets that make preparing eggs simple

Eggs are among the most versatile and budget-friendly food items in the world. There are also seemingly endless ways to make them. But not all people are good in the kitchen or desire to spend too much time there. For such individuals, the following gadgets can prove to be really useful.

  • Microwave omelette cooker: A classic omelette is filling, packed with nutrients and completely customizable, and hence would be the ideal breakfast to start the day with. Even though it does not take too much time to prepare an omelette on the stove, waiting for the pan to heat up and cleaning it afterwards can be a headache. Hence, it is better to use a Microwave Omelet cooker and prepare the perfect omelette in a microwave.
  • Yolk Separator: A lot of recipes call for “one egg white” or “one egg yolk”, but not everyone knows how to separate the two properly. To make things simpler, it is better to purchase a yolk separator that suctions the yolk from the egg white.
  • Egg Cracker: Getting some shells into the bowl while cracking eggs can be immensely frustrating. This issue can be avoided with ease by using an automatic egg cracker. Such gadgets may even provide people with the option to separate the yolk from the whites while they are cracking it open.
  • Egg Poacher: Poached eggs are loved by many due to their incredible consistency. To prepare poached eggs with a thick runny yolk and fluffy exterior, an egg poacher can be used.
  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker: Breakfast sandwiches are the ideal way to start the day with, as they are easy to eat on the run and can be loaded with almost any topping. However, as breakfast sandwiches may have multiple components, they can also be time consuming to prepare. Fortunately, the process can be made faster by getting a breakfast sandwich maker that can cook the eggs, toast the bread, and heat up the meat, all at the same time.

There are many people who spend too much for a breakfast sandwich from the bodega in the morning, and then pay at a diner for fried eggs on the weekend, just because they do not have the time or skills to prepare these items at home. Rather than paying these higher prices on a regular basis, it is better to invest in a few gadgets that make preparing eggs a hassle-free endeavor. People just have to buy good quality eggs from Hillandale Farms or some similar company, and have eggs just the way they want for years with the help of their purchased gadgets.