Hind Louali Briefly Underlines the Importance of Bilingualism

Bilingualism implies to the ability of an individual to learn and use two languages effectively. There are many people across United States who are inclined to learn languages beyond English, such as French and Spanish. Hind Louali mentions that bilingualism has many advantages. It especially helps in strengthening the cognitive abilities of a person. Bilingual people are also quite likely to be flexible, creative, and open-minded, and find it easier to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously.

Hind Louali talks about the benefits of bilingualism

The very first words ever uttered by humans go back about 250,000 years ago. Once humans learned how to speak and gained an understanding of the concept of language, it was not long till they had many. The language evolution timeline is pretty interesting to follow as it allows people to gain an idea of how varied groups of early humans spoke different distinctive for the sake of convenience. However, as commerce, trade, and business began to pick up pace, knowing multiple languages became a necessity to communicate. The origination of bilingualism and even multilingualism ideally started with this purpose, and not much has changed since then in regards to learning a new language. Being multilingual or at least bilingual is immensely important in the modern world owing to communicate with people from varying parts of the world and acquire a better understanding of their culture. With every passing day, a growing number of people are getting attracted to the aspect of learning new languages. Around half of the world’s population today is bilingual or multilingual.

According to Hind Louali there are many factors that contribute to the growing trend of bilingualism. First of all, people are now realizing the numerous opportunities that may come up as one knows more about the varying languages and cultures of the planet. Being bilingual increases the awareness of other culture automatically. While people can definitely learn about different cultures simply by reading, knowing the language of a particular region makes them invested in the culture and provides a more immersive experience in terms of fitting into the context of the language.

A major advantage of learning a new language, especially a widely spoken one like French, is that it makes travelling a lot easier. For instance, if one goes on a trip to Paris after learning French, they do not have to deal with any language barrier, or spend hours looking through a dictionary just to ask for directions. Travelling is a widely loved activity, and most people do acknowledge that knowing the language of the visiting country makes the travel experience better. It may also show the locals a certain level of respect.

Certain studies also show that bilingual children often outperform monolingual ones in certain subject areas. This is due to the fact that learning two languages improves the literacy of the child, and provides them with improved educational development, along with a good understanding of social skills. All of this has a positive impact on the child and helps them to improve their cognitive functions as well.