Judge Charles Burns Provides a General Understanding of How to Stay Protected from Lawsuits

Being proactive about trying to stay protected from a lawsuit in the United States is an important consideration in the increasingly litigious society of today. As pointed by Judge Charles Burns, more than 100 million lawsuits are filed each year in the country, and no one is immune to it. People belonging to a lower income group may especially face issues if they end up getting suit. After all, if a person with $100,000 in assets gets sued for $1 million, they shall be wiped out, whereas a person with $5 million can survive a $1 million lawsuit.

Judge Charles Burns talks about the approach to follow to stay protected from lawsuits

No matter whether one is a business owner or a professional, taking the right steps to mitigate the discerning legal risks can help people safeguard their assets, reputation, and peace of mind. The very first step in doing so is to invest in insurance. Depending on the specific circumstances of a person, they might require various types of insurance plans, like product liability insurance, general liability insurance, malpractice insurance, and so on. Proper insurance coverage can significantly help in protecting people financially in case they get sued, and cover the associated legal expenses and settlements.

People should try to identify and assess potential risks within their business or personal activities, and ultimately create and implement risk management strategies to minimize them. These strategies can include aspects of investing in quality control measures, providing proper training to employees, and implementing competent security protocols. All professionals should additionally try to maintain high ethical standards in their practices, and adhere to relevant professional codes of conduct to avoid lawsuits.

It is prudent for people to gain a good understanding of the law to stay protected from lawsuits. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. Hence, one should familiarize themselves with distinctive laws and regulations relevant to their industry or profession. Choosing to stay up-to-date with changes in the law helps people to ensure that their activities remain in compliance. They should always seek legal advice when necessary, particularly when entering into contracts or making major business decisions.

For modern businesses, contracts are a vital aspect of staying legally protected. Business owners must see to it that all their contracts are drafted and reviewed carefully. These contracts should be understood by all parties, and clearly define their rights, obligations, and responsibilities. Contracts must even include appropriate indemnification and dispute resolution provisions to avoid any chances of confusion down the line. 

In many ways, well drafted contracts are useful in preventing misunderstandings and mitigating potential legal disputes. As pointed by Judge Charles Burns people must also keep a detailed record of their transactions, communications, and agreements to avoid law suits. This especially includes employment records, property papers, and financial records related to the business or personal affairs of a person. Systematic record keeping can prove to be valuable evidence in the defense of a person and help establish their credibility.