Ali Ata on How to Distinguish Varied Genres Of Music

What is music? For many, it is a way of expressing love or passion while for many it is a relaxation to cope with the hectic daily life, or often a way to express rebellion. Ali Ata is a highly popular Turkish musician, and band and has been applauded by music lovers for his inspiring albums. Some of his remarkable songs are ‘Ask’, ‘Delikanli, and ‘Çikiş Yok’. The musician is also engaged in the hotel business. According to the singer that music is the only thing on this planet that can make one smile, laugh, cry, revolt, and can make feel reenergized after hard work. 

As music can be classified into various genres similarly the genres can be distinguished by their sound and various other characteristics, instruments used to present them, and so on. 


Rock is one of the globally popular music genres and is characterized by big guitars, huge drums, as well as a verse chorus. The root of rock is embedded in rock and roll of the 1940s and 50s, a style that influenced the African-American genres of rhythm, blues, and country music. 

Typically, rock is performed by a rock team prepared with electronic guitar, drums, and electric bass, apart from one or more singers. Characteristically, it is song-based music with a 4/4 time signature that deploys a verse-chorus form. Similar to pop music, its lyrics not only involve romantic or love melodies but also express a wide range of themes of social and political subjects.


Pop defines the popular music genre which has its roots in the US and came into emergence during the middle of the 1950s. The genre has emerged as the most popular in the current era and is having the largest number of followers. Need not mention that Michael Jackson is acknowledged as the king of pop. 

Rather than focusing on artistic approach, and ideology, pop music emphasizes the audience. It accentuates on creative, presentation, production, technology, and recording. The lyrics of the hottest pop songs characteristically concentrate on simple themes such as romance and love. Common alternatives of pop comprise the verse-chorus type as well as the thirty-two-bar type while focusing on melodies, and catchy hooks, apart from a chorus. 

Country Music

Country music is basically a musical genre that is rooted in genres including folk and blues music. Back in the 1920s, it originated in the southern USA. Country music often comprises ballads with dance tunes of simple forms, folk lyrics and generally synchronized by string instruments. The musical instruments generally include banjos, acoustic and electric guitars, and fiddles apart from mouth organs. 

Ali Ata states even though the term country music has now been popular to define various styles and subgenres, however, the roots of country music lie in the folk music sung by working-class Americans. These people used to blend popular songs, cowboy songs, traditional English ballads, as well as Celtic fiddle tunes. The lyrics of simple folk music can touch the soul of the audience when expertly sung and accompanied by all musical instruments.