Joseph Cianciotto Highlights the Great Architectural Design of Victorian Style Homes 

Victorian-style homes are originally a concept of British architecture. They came into emergence during the rule of Queen Victoria, which is the root wherefrom this name became popular. When the supremacy of the British Empire reached worldwide, this style got popular in the United States, and Australia among others where the British Empire made their colonies at that time. The great enthusiast of architecture Joseph Cianciotto has narrated all about the unique elements of Victorian-style homes in this article for you to explore what has made them matchless in the world. 

The architectural form of the Victorian house practically refers to a comprehensive category of this specific architectural style. While they relatively look identical, they boast varying elements based on their subcategory. In order to identify each of them, having thorough research on their variety of types is important. 

However, among all these categories, the Queen Anne home is possibly the style that is most intimately connected with the Victorian architecture home style. The style of these homes is extraordinarily elaborate while their floor and exterior design plans are completely unlike the home styles of that period. Some of the great elements of these houses you will explore include porches, bay windows, turrets, towers, and extravagant adornment. 

On the contrary, the architecture of Gothic Revival Victorian homes was highly influenced by the art movement of medieval structural design. These homes look stunning while churches, castles, and pointed arches are some of their special characteristics.  

The primary elements 

As stated earlier, Victorian houses are found in different categories and styles and they differ in terms of their ornamentation. Yet, they demonstrate a range of features that are fairly common in Victorian homes. For instance, these homes are typically colorful. They are generally built of 2-3 stories. The roofs of Victorian houses are generally designed sharply triangular and pitched shaped. Also, some of the elements that are commonly found include turrets, dormers, porches, and bay windows. 

According to Josoph Cianciotto, the bay window is acknowledged as the symbol of British architecture and most Victorian-style homes feature fairly large bay windows at the frontage of these houses. Alongside the stunning glass features, these houses demonstrate high ceilings with decorations that make rooms look higher and larger than they really are. The colorful brickwork in the frontage of Victorian architecture is another wonderful ornament of these houses that makes them one of a kind. By seeing these characteristics, you can easily define a Victorian house. 

The interior decor

The interiors of Victorian-style houses are highly lavish similar to their exterior and are fairly asymmetrical compared to other styles of houses. They generally feature several hallways and stairways in them apart from lots of crowns, ornamental trimming, and decorative floors. Most of them have plenty of spaces for socialization, hosting guests, and entertaining which were quite popular during those eras. Historically, they include carved wooden work, decorative furniture, and upholstery. According to Joseph Cianciotto when it comes to modern Victorian houses, they are become much trendier in terms of extravagance and decorating styles.